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Imatra Electricity Substation

Awards: Silver A’ Design Award 2021

The project is composed of a substation building and an array of five landscape electricity pylons and terminals, set in and around the national landscape of Imatrankoski rapids. The building and the terminals are situated next to the Imatra hydropower plant, built during the 1920s, and the starting point of the Rautarouva national power grid from the same period. The historical significance of the area was the reason for our client to pursue an exceptional substation facility.

Our architectural goal was to further elevate the beauty of the site. To achieve this, the new substation building and the new transmission towers and terminals share a unified formal language that also references the architecture of the existing buildings. The general layout, rhythmic forms, and the scale of the power line structures and the new building derive from this. The use of hand-made long brick and in-situ concrete on the facades is another reference to the context.

Completion: 2020
Location: Imatra, Finland
Client: Fingrid Oyj
Photography: Max Plunger, Tuomas Kivinen